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When I was a senior in high school I had planned on graduating early but didn’t have enough credits. I had no afternoon classes my second semester so I enrolled in the work study program and got a job at a flower shop in town that had just opened.  I answered the phones, ran deliveries and took care of the flowers.  I fell in love!  I moved to the Front Range shortly after graduating and got a job at a huge florist making loose wraps for grocery stores. 

I moved back home after a year and a half and got a job as a delivery driver at one of our local florists.  This job would decide my fate forever.  My boss hired a contract worker to help with weddings; I quickly hit it off with her and discovered that she taught floral design at a local community college.  She took me under her wing and started teaching me the art of floral design.  I realized right away that when I created bouquets my heart sang with happiness. No matter what was happening in my life I felt free and joyful when doing my job. 

I worked in different floral shops for the next 7 years before deciding to open my own.  I observed the other florists operating in a certain way and had an idea that if things were done a little differently, they could be more successful.  

The Enchanted Florist was born in the fall of 2006.   It has been a beautiful and challenging road but I continue to feed my soul and heart with the art of floral.  I find so much fulfillment in the joy and comfort that it brings to others.  The Enchanted Florist is my passion and I will continue to bring life to  loved ones’ occasions.


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